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    Thursday October 6th, 7:00pm
    "Classic Maya Divine Kingship and the Royal Tombs of Buenavista del Cayo, Belize"
    Dr. Jason Yaeger, UTSA
    Aula Canaria Lecture Hall, Buena Vista Building UTSA, Downtown Campus

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    Interested in getting up-to-date on archaeology finds and news from the field? Check AIA Archaeology News Blog. It is updated daily!


It costs money to maintain our current level of first-class lectures and activities. The national AIA pays travel costs and honoraria for three lectures each year but our local society covers lodging, meals, and reception (an average cost of $300 per lecturer). All other lectures are funded entirely by the local society; this costs on average about $1200 per lecture. In addition there are incidental costs such as website maintenance and postage. (The various universities at which we hold our lectures generously provide the venues at no cost to the society.)
We are now accepting donations electronically via PayPal. Please use the button below to donate via your PayPal account or a credit card instantly! We thank you so much for your interest and generosity!

Anyone who would like to sponsor, in part or in full, a lecture, reception, or any other activity should contact Dr. Nicolle Hirschfeld at nhirschf@trinity.edu or our treasurer, Mr. Edmund Curran at arkytexas@gmail.com.  You can donate via check at any of our events or send to Ed Curran at:
              205 Cloverleaf Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209

Please make out checks to AIA-SWTAS. AIA-SWTAS is a 501C3 organization; we can provide a receipt for tax-free donations! Anyone who has already provided a donation should ask Nicolle Hirschfeld or Ed Curran for a receipt.

We also want to apply for cultural, historical, educational, or similar grants to any organization that offers them. Please let us know of any of which you are aware. Help us to make our society live up to its full potential.

Your help is truly appreciated!

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