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    Tuesday, February 1, 2022
    Asst. Professor Jennifer Stager, Johns Hopkins University "A Feminist History of Ancient Medicine"

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    Interested in getting up-to-date on archaeology finds and news from the field? Check AIA Archaeology News Blog. It is updated daily!



President:                Prof. Nicolle Hirschfeld (Trinity University), nhirschf@trinity.edu

Vice-President:       Mr. Joe Lamm, inchicorejoe@hotmail.com

Treasurer:                Mr. Edmund Curran, iuwbfo@gmail.com

Webmaster:             Melissa Zepeda (Trinity University), mzepeda@trinity.edu

At-Large Board Members:

Prof. Kathryn Brown (UTSA)
Prof. Jennifer Mathews (Trinity University)
Prof. Jason Yaeger (UTSA)

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