AIA International Archaeology Day

October 18, 2014

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Mission San José – 6701 San Jose Drive

AIA-SWTAS Celebrates AIA International Archaeology Day & Texas Archaeology Month

Archaeology Day Flyer

This event is sponsored by the National Park Service, AIA-SWTAS, and 15 other historical organizations.  Spend a free, fun-filled day exploring what has been learned about various periods of history through archaeology.

SWTAS will join forces with the Texas Coritani group to provide an ancient writing (Mayan, Linear B Greek, Ogham (ancient Celtic), and Egyptian) workshop to more than 2000 school children. Society volunteers will provide instruction about these cultures and their writing methods, teaching children to write their names and birthdates in various scripts.

Other archaeological organizations will present some wonderful activities as well: Children can mark and map a dig unit, sift through a mock dig to find artifacts, and witness the ancient skills of flint-knapping and throwing an atlatl. They can build a full-sized arch and listen to storytelling. This free event provides an opportunity to discover past human cultures, learn about the historical significance of archaeological sites, and the importance of historical and prehistoric preservation. Everyone can also learn why it is important to protect these and other historic and pre-historic sites from looting, vandalism, and destruction.

Volunteers Needed! AIA-SWTAS will need plenty of volunteers to support all these activities. No experience is required! Training on the ancient languages will be provided the week before the projects. At least four volunteers per shift will be required to help with each language. An additional two people per shift will be needed to man the SWTAS exhibits at the artifact ID activity. All volunteers should contact Laura Childs at 210-494-3820,

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